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In this world of stock photos, stock illustrations and stock footage, you won't find any stock words.

That’s where I come in. Armed with a journalism degree from Indiana University, a screenwriting certificate from UCLA and decades of experience as the creative director of my own agency, I specialize in giving companies the right personality. Nothing is more compelling to your audience than a well articulated position. Not just “who” you are. But “why” you are. You see, what many view as mere words, I view as missiles aimed at the heart and soul of your prospects. Because emotional engagement is what stirs commitment. 
It’s what drives business.
The fact that my work has appeared in highly regarded advertising shows and annuals such as Communication Arts, The One Show, The Obies, The Effies, The Addy’s and others, isn’t why we should work together.  We should collaborate if you happen to look at the work I’ve created for others and have an itch to do something just as moving for your company. If you ask yourself, “why aren’t we doing work like this”, that’s the first sign you’re ready.
And so am I.

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