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Everyone uses the same 26 letters.

I just have a tendency to arrange them differently.

From a logo or your version of “Just Do It”, to an ad campaign and website that actually ignites conversation, you’ll see that I bring thinking that is relevant, and at the same time, revolutionary. Not because I have a different alphabet, but because I have a different perspective.


A powerful graphic mark can signal your position in the market or punctuate your message. Either way, a well crafted logo or logotype is well worth the effort.


When the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis started referring to the world’s iconic event as The Indianapolis, they asked for a poster to reflect the occasion. An original illustration shows the city’s Sailor’s and Soldier’s monument morphing into a violin to symbolize the marriage of global talent and local venue.


Sometimes you don't need a campaign but rather a unique communication that builds and supports your brand. In this case, FinishMaster, a distributor of automotive paints, asked us to create a name and logo for their Annual Leadership Development Meeting. The purpose was to inspire and propel the company's management to achieve great things. As a result, Mountain Brigade came to life. A more elaborate graphic icon with the moniker "Storm the Summit" was designed for use on apparel. 


A few strategically and artfully sewn together words can be both immensely informative and incredibly memorable. They fertilize the soil of a customer’s mind.


Vanilla makes for great ice cream but poor branding. Take a look at how a little attitude and the right tone can shape what people think of a company.


There’s nothing worse than a great idea that’s poorly executed. It’s like a mouth watering recipe made with crummy ingredients. No joy in eating that cake.

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